Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mother's Day/Father's Day Quilt

Last winter I decided to make my parents a quilt and give it to them for Mother's and Father's Day. Now that it has long been gifted, I can share it on here!

My parents love the fall (like me) and have their house decorated in beautiful fall colors. So of course I had to make a modern maples quilt and my palette became burnt oranges and reds, tarnished golds and deep, rich forest greens. Here's the stack I started with:

I wanted a mix of off-white neutrals for the background rather than just one solid color. The effect I was going for was a kind of shimmery, subtly variegated background. The backing would be the colorful leaf print sitting on top.

I made the leaf blocks at a weekend quilt retreat so it seemed like they came together in a snap. We did have Downton Abbey to keep us going too :-). I decided to place the leaves haphazardly throughout the quilt to make it look like they just fell that way. Please forgive the photo quality below-I was sewing on the binding on the way to my parents house to gift it so no time for lots of photos!

My mom snapped this picture, I'm holding it up with my lovely sister. I'm about 3 months preggo here :-).

I think my parents really liked this quilt, it sits on their couch now. I found myself craving a throw like this...maybe some day.