Saturday, March 9, 2013

Granny's Galoshes

Remember this quilt top? I used leftover 2 1/2" squares from another quilt to make it. Well, those vibrant little squares came from my Granny Squares quilt, which I started spring of 2012 and just finished a few days ago!

I can honestly say I enjoyed every step of making this quilt. I started by pulling out old scraps of fabric, looking for bright, bold colors in yellow, blue, red, pink, purple, green, and aqua. I wanted saturated color. Unbridled. Brassy. And totally me.

Last year the Granny Squares pattern spread across the web like wildfire, and I couldn't wait to make one of my own. Most were using some kind of white/off white background to make their little squares pop, but I wanted something different. I think this pale grey (Silver Lining from Connecting Threads) off sets my little squares nicely, contrasting the cheerful colors with a more somber yet soothing tone. Much like a pair of bright galoshes on a rainy day. I love the sound of gentle, falling rain, and being a kid again-stomping in all of the puddles.

I hand quilted this one. I knew it would take time and I wasn't in a hurry. I enjoyed the process, and I'm already thinking about the next large project I'll quilt by hand. Hand quilting is peaceful, and I love the homey, imperfect look and texture it gives. Some things are just worth taking your time for.

This quilt has become my favorite, I could just stare and stare at all those sweet little squares. It's very fitting for spring actually-and finished just in time!


  1. LOVE IT! Glad to hear it is finished! Your right, just in time for spring- the perfect spring quilt! Great work.

  2. The hand quilting is beautiful! It's amazing how well this quilt pattern lends itself to being quilted by hand, huh?

    1. Thank you Amanda! I saw your Granny Squares quilt-it's beautiful :)